Best Outdoor Accessories to Complement Your Porch Swing

Best Outdoor Accessories to Complement Your Porch Swing

Looking to make your porch swing extra cozy? We’re sharing some of the best-kept secrets of accessory tips for transforming your front porch into the ultimate place of relaxation and style.

Lanterns, swing covers, rugs, pillows, and plants, are the big must-haves to add a touch of comfort and style to your porch swing. Whether you choose to add one or all five, you’ll instantly transform the look and feel of your porch and home.

Use Lanterns to Set the Mood

Lanterns are one of the most versatile design options for complementing your porch swing but are often overlooked, making them unique. You can use lanterns year-round and place them practically anywhere along your front porch. Consider adding a few lanterns to the steps leading up to your home, or placing them on some side tables directly next to your swing. During holidays you can replace the candles within each lantern with pumpkins, easter decorations, or holiday lights.

Add a Swing Cover

Help your swing stay even more durable and long-lasting by using a porch swing cover. A high-quality cover further protects your swing from the elements and keeps it free of dirt and debris.

Add a Rug Under Your Porch Swing

You might be surprised to find that placing a rug directly under your porch swing will make a world of difference to your front porch. Here’s why - rugs make the space feel like an extended room outside of your home, one that is warm and inviting. Most outdoor rugs are also washable, making this design tip easy and low-maintenance.

Use Pillows and Cushions

You can’t go wrong by adding pillows and cushions to your porch swing. Whether you get small pillows, large ones, or bolster cushions, placing them on your swing will make it even more comfortable. You can get them in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and textures to match any season, making the design possibilities endless.

Place Plants On Your Porch

Plants are nourishing and soothing, so you can never go wrong with adding some green alongside your porch swing. You have several options with placement - you can either add potted plants directly on the floor for a quick and easy setup, or you can place them on risers.

Risers help air to circulate underneath the plants which keeps them healthier for longer while also giving you an extra touch of modern charm on your front porch. If you want to get really creative, you can hang the plants from your porch ceiling.

The type of plants and flowers you add also matters. If your front porch gets a lot of sunlight, consider adding hydrangeas or geraniums. For more shade-heavy areas, petunias and pansies are a great choice.

Lastly, if you’re really looking for a plant to wow your friends and neighbors with, get a fruit tree! From lemon trees to cherry trees and even patio fig trees, there’s a fruit tree for almost any climate in the summer to take your porch to the next level.

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