What's Included

Our diverse stainless steel mounting hardware kit allows for installation in most common swing applications, including porches, ceilings, swing stands, and more.

  • Pre-assembled Bench Deck (x1) and Seatbacks (x2)
  • Heavy-Duty Hangers & Lag bolts
  • Swing-Mate Porch Swing Springs
  • Safety Cable
  • 24” Wire Rope Extension
  • 24” Adjustable Chain Extension
  • Chain Quick Connect
  • Main Cable Assembly (pre-attached to swing)


Length: 63-3/8"   Width: 18-3/8"   Height: 14-1/8"   Weight: 40 lbs.



The swing arrives fully assembled and is ready to hang in most common swing applications. The included hardware kit allows for the swing installation from heights 5ft to 10ft and can work on porches, ceilings, swings stands, and more. We recommend consulting with a contractor if you are not comfortable safely installing a load bearing swing.

Click here to learn more about how to install your Organic Swing.

Wood Species

We currently offer the following wood choices:

  Cypress: Sustainably harvested cypress wood. Naturally light brown in color and water + insect + rot-resistant.

  Walnut: Sustainably harvested walnut wood. Naturally dark brown in color and water + rot-resistant.