7 Things To Love About Porch Swings

7 Things To Love About Porch Swings

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Trying to think of the perfect gesture to show someone how much they mean to you? Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, the holiday season, or any day of the week, roses and heart-shaped chocolates might be the first things that come to mind. But the downside with these treats is they only last a few days. For a durable, long-lasting gift that anyone can enjoy and love, consider a modern porch swing.

Here are seven things to love about porch swings:

1. Porch Swings Are Romantic.

For a romantic evening with your partner, grab some flowers, chocolates, and champagne and head to the porch swing. It’s a great way to spend quality time together without any distractions and spend the evening staring at the night sky.

2. They Help You Relax.

Porch swings have a natural calming effect. The gentle back and forth movement creates a sense of complete relaxation, which can be enjoyed any time of day.

3. They Are Affordable.

Modern, durable porch swings are within financial reach for many people. Today, it’s possible to purchase a porch swing that will last for years for less than $2,000. While it might be tempting to purchase a low-budget porch swing, keep in mind those swings often only last a few seasons at best before needing to be replaced. If budget is a concern for you, some porch swings can be purchased using monthly interest-free installment plans, making them more accessible than ever.

4. Porch Swings Last For Decades.

A high-quality wooden porch swing made from walnut or cypress wood should last about 15 to 20 years or longer. Natural oils make it resistant to rot and insect damage, and the wood is suitable for both warmer regions as well as cooler/wetter climates. Additionally, color doesn’t fade as much in walnut and cypress wood compared to other wood types and both can be easily stained.

5. Porch Swings Can Have Interchangeable Seat Backs.

The movable seatbacks of The Organic Swing can quickly and easily change to match the natural ebb and flow of your life at home.

6. You Can Build Memories.

Enjoy your porch swing with loved ones including grandchildren, family members, and friends. Whether it’s cozying up with a hot cup of cocoa or drinking ice cold lemonade on a warm summer afternoon, a porch swing builds memories people will look back on for years to come.

7. Modern Porch Swings Have Curb Appeal.

Porch swings maximize curb appeal, adding a touch of charm and creating a feeling of comforting nostalgia. Porch swings make a house feel like a home.

 traditional indian jhula

Fall in Love with the Most Versatile Porch Swing: The Organic Swing

The Organic Swing is the world’s most versatile porch swing, designed to maximize relaxation, beauty, and togetherness with its moveable seatbacks. Made from rust-proof, zero VOC black powder-coated steel and slatted bench deck and seatbacks made from sustainably harvested cypress or walnut wood, The Organic Swing provides natural comfort and remarkable strength.

Suspended from corrosion-resistant wire rope for a distinctively modern look and added durability, it’s the ultimate resistance to weather. Additionally, The Organic Swing is made with architectural-quality materials and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

It's a focal point, a meeting place, a conversation starter.

With our high-quality, made-in-the-USA construction, the conversation will continue for years to come.