We're on a mission to help people experience authentic, organic connection in the relationships that matter most.

Organic Swings is run by brothers Brenden and Kyle, who honed their expertise in the multi-functional furniture space through their ownership of Lori Beds.

The owners of Organic Swings

Furniture enthusiasts themselves, the brothers believe the Organic Swing meets a huge need in the market: a porch swing that is a living, breathing, organic piece that shifts and transforms to serve the purpose of any interaction.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

We understand that woodworking impacts our world's forests and that trees form the backbone of a healthy planet for future generations. Since 2016, we've been partnering with the  Eden Reforestation Project  to replant forests in some of the most impoverished and deforested areas of the planet. As of early 2021, we've replanted 28 acres of forest around the world. For every order you place on OrganicSwings.com, we partner with the Eden Project to replant 10 trees around the world.

Connect With Us

We care deeply about how our business impacts your life and family. Let us know how we're doing. We value the opportunity to connect with each of our customers, help answer your questions, and celebrate the way your Organic Swing transforms your home.