We love artisan furniture and are passionate about leaving the world a better place than before. To us, this means using sustainable, eco-friendly materials in the Organic Swing. And in our quest to make a porch swing with the highest-quality materials, we can only accomplish this with a sustainable supply of wood.

Unfortunately, many parts of our world are experiencing extreme deforestation, which creates devastating economic consequences for some of our world's most disadvantaged communities.

With this challenge in mind, we launched a partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project in May of 2016. For each swing we sell, we plant ten trees. Since working together, we’ve replanted forests equal to 20 football fields in some of the most impoverished and deforested countries in the world. When you order an Organic Swing, you come alongside us in making an impact through this important work

To learn more about the work of the Eden Reforestation Project, click here.


We give back