9 Beautiful Porch Swing Set Ups to Inspire your Home Design

9 Beautiful Porch Swing Set Ups to Inspire your Home Design

Get inspired by these 9 beautiful porch swing set ups that are sure to take al fresco lounging to the next level of luxury.  

The charming nature of a front porch swing is undeniable.  

It’s a piece of furniture that is so much more than its parts. Representing both quiet solo respites sipping sweet tea with a good book and unhurried sunny afternoons with friends and loved ones, it is no wonder porch swings have stood the test of time.  

While porch swings often invoke visions of classic Southern wrap around porches, they’ll always have a place in modern day homes around the world. Perhaps more than another outdoor furnishing, a well-designed swing still welcomes a sense of peace in our busy schedules and make our houses feel like home.  

Get inspired by these 9 beautiful porch swing set ups that are sure to take al fresco lounging to the next level of luxury.  

Pretty in the Pines   

porch decor inspiration for porch swing set ups

Pretty in Pines home décor and lifestyle writer Shelby created her own slice of heaven with her whimsical wicker porch swing.  

Here boho-meets-farmhouse design brings a little bit of the indoors outside. Shelby dressed up her swing with elegant outdoor cushions and pillows, and finished the look with an outdoor rug below.  

“It’s one of the coziest places and makes me look even more forward to the weekends where we can start our days slower out there with a summer breeze and a glass of orange juice,” Shelby writes.  

A Modern Escape  

porch swing decorating ideas 

Porch swings are a classic design element that are still befitting of a modern home. Christopher Locke incorporated the vibe of a traditional wooden porch swing into his modern black and white motif using an Organic Swing. 

Unlike regular wooden porch swings the Organic Swing’s cypress wood backrests can easily be reconfigured into multiple positions. The Organic Swing can quickly transform from a traditional porch swing into a luxurious lounger or an intimate face-to-face conversation space.  

You can face the seats forward or backward depending on the view you want. A back-to-back orientation can encourage more focused personal time for two individuals. 

“It couldn’t be more perfect,” Christopher said.  

Porch Swing for One 

porch swing with a dog on it  Photography by @cindimc.ivoryhomedesign on Instagram 

All porch swings can be a place for solitary R&R but this solo-swing gives a subtle hint. As featured in the Cottage Journal, this single-seat swing is the perfect place to unwind from the bustle of the day with your favorite four-legged pal. 

“The subtle contemporary design is the suitable midway point between a classic brick porch and modern-style accessories, tying the space together for optimal relaxation,” writes the Cottage Journal.  

Styled for Summer   

summer porch swing style

Summertime is perhaps the best time to enjoy an afternoon on a porch swing. Lifestyle and design writer Aylin from Styled By Aylin made the most of the high season with this beachy-themed porch swing design.  

“Styled trays like this one are one of my favorite accessories to decorate. It can completely dress up a space,” she writes. “I love these for entertaining, for guest rooms, on the corners of beds and even on coffee tables. For this look I brought out my favorite rosé and pretty wine glasses to create a fun happy hour vibe. You can add candles or coffee table books to add a little more of a polished look.” 

To keep the space interesting, Aylin styled her porch swing with textured fabrics, adding throw pillows and cozy blankets in neutral tones. 

Classic Blue & White Design  southern porch swing

Interior designer James Farmer has made a big name for himself in the design world for his fresh perspective on the traditional Southern aesthetic. As featured in Flower Magazine, James made good on his claim to fame when he revived his own recently purchased home: A 1800s plantation in the quiet Southern town of Oak Bowery, Alabama.  

Keeping true to the classic Southern front porch -style, James decided on a crisp white and country blue theme for his wooden porch swing set up. Finished with touches of metal accents in the lanterns and planters, this design harkens back to the days of yesteryear.  

“A museum is a nice place to visit but certainly no place to live—especially for a family with young kids,” James told Flower Magazine. “So, while we worked diligently to honor the home’s rich past with a historically accurate design, we made comfort a priority, along with color and pattern.” 

Beautiful Piece of Modern Art 

organic swing porch swing

Proving that a front porch swing is more versatile than its name, Mary in Washington created a backyard oasis ripe for entertaining with her Organic Swing.   

Covered by a free-standing, custom-designed pergola, the swing is a piece of modern art amidst her beautifully landscaped garden.  

“It is one of a kind,” Mary said of the Organic Swing. “We love the versatility of the swing not to mention the modern simple look. We had a pergola specially made for the swing and it looks great against all the greenery in our garden. We get so many compliments from our friends and family. It is the focal point of our garden.” 

Southern Living Style Porch  

porch swing decor  Photography: Robbie Caponetto, Styling Kendra Surface 

A prime example of indoor-outdoor living, this porch swing designed by home stylist Kendra Surface elevates the traditional Southern front porch aesthetic. The mahogany porch swing is dressed in off-white outdoor fabric cushions and finished with cozy throw pillows and a light blanket.  

Southern Living Magazine called it “a prime spot for relaxing on the screened porch.” Plus, the French doors behind the swing lead to the main bedroom — another example of how a porch swing can be used in areas beyond a front porch.  

Hammock Hangout 

hammock style porch swing Photography by Limbo Imports 

Wood, wicker, and metal are the most classic porch swing materials, but fabric is another option for breezy lounging.   

“This hammock for one adds a hint of the bohemian to any porch space, and it’s a dream for anyone who enjoys curling up with a favorite book for an hour or three,” writes the Cottage Journal. 

Layer on a chunky throw and a comfortable pillow to create a personal retreat for the ages.  

A Place to Hang  two ladies on an organic porch swing

Ultimately, a porch swing is a place to unwind, be it in a moment of solitary rest or with the ones we hold dear to us. The versatility of the Organic Swing gives the best of both worlds — a traditional wooden porch swing that can be easily reconfigured into a face-to-face conversation space. 

“All my photos include us in them because if we see the swing, we just have to be on the swing,” writes Organic Swings customer Elizabeth Lenihan. “We leave it outside all summer and fall, and this swing has been a part of so many special moments, conversations and just quality time. Immediately your stress fades when you relax onto any porch swing- but the fact that this one is so cool is just extra. It's my favorite place to hang.” 

Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or a fun gathering place for entertaining, a porch swing makes a beautiful addition. From traditional wicker, to a funky hammock, or a modern Organic Swing, these designs take alfresco relaxation to the next level.