Shop these Sustainable and Stylish Home Decor Brands in 2021

Shop these Sustainable and Stylish Home Decor Brands in 2021

These eco-friendly furniture and home decor brands deliver more sustainable choices for your 2021 design updates.   

 living room with wood furniture

We all want to feel good about our purchases.   

Consumers’ eco-motivations have given sustainable brands a big boost in 2020. And the concept is not a flash in the pan.   

Just take it from the foodies in your life.   

Sustainably sourced food has been a trending topic in the culinary world for the last several years. It is a noble concept that encourages purchasing and cooking foods that are grown through agricultural methods that mitigate harm to the environment while also supporting growers who practice green farming initiatives.  

Eco-motivations are not limited to what we eat. The push to lead a more organic lifestyle has expanded into all areas of our lives, especially the way we furnish our homes.    

Sustainable and ethically-made furnishings were cited as a top design trend in 2020 that is expected to continue well into 2021, and beyond.   

What is eco-friendly furniture and decor?   

Similar to the sustainable food movement, eco-friendly interior design focuses on choosing furnishings manufactured in ways that reduce the negative impact on the environment. This often means that brands replant trees when an order is placed or that the products are free from harmful chemicals linked to pollution. Sustainable decor is also associated with recycling materials and fair trade with the artisans who create the goods.   

Thanks to high demand, sustainable decor is becoming more readily available in styles that fit any home at affordable price points. These eco-friendly furniture and home decor brands deliver more sustainable choices for your 2021 design updates.   


dusty rose color couch

This United States- based home décor and furniture company offers everything from handcrafted sofas to pet accessories. The company is taking social responsibility seriously.   

WhomHome only manufactures its products from North American wood, eliminating unnecessary carbon emissions. Plus, its factory takes in 66,000 pounds of plastic waste and recycles it each week.   

The Influencer Sofa, pictured above, is one of the company’s top sellers. Priced at just under $2,000, it is available in more than 20 shades of easy-to-clean faux down fabric.   

Organic Swing 

This is not your average porch swing. With interchangeable seat backs, this modern swing from Organic Swings can be configured with multiple different seating arrangement combinations. 

Made from bald cypress wood, the Organic Swing exhibits natural beauty, remarkable strength, and unrivaled resistance to damage from the elements and insects. The wood pieces are set on a lightweight steel frame and suspended from galvanized steel aircraft cable for a distinctively modern look and added strength. Plus, the design is so clean and simple, it blends seamlessly into any environment. 

The company partners with the Eden Reforestation Project to replant forests in some of the most impoverished and deforested areas of the planet. For every order you place, the Eden Project plants 10 trees in Kenya. 

Lori Wall Beds   lori wall bed

Lori Wall Beds is a family-owned and operated business on a mission to help people get more value from their living space with simple, ready-to-install Murphy beds 

The company specializes in crafting Murphy beds out of 100% real wood, right here in the USA. Like its sister company Organic Swings, Lori Wall Beds has been partnering with the Eden Reforestation Project to replant forests in some of the most impoverished and deforested areas of the planet. For every order you place, the Eden Project plants 10 trees in Kenya.  

Lori Wall Beds is also committed to keeping its wall beds affordable. The Twin Murphy bed, pictured above, is available in multiple finishes starting at less than $800.   

Plover Organic   

plover organic bedding

Founded by two sisters around their kitchen table in Seattle, Plover Organic produces 100% certified organic cotton textiles for your home. Super-soft cotton sheets, quilts, duvets, pillows, curtains, napkins, tablecloths, and even face masks are available in fun and stylish prints that match any taste.   

All organic fibers used by Plover are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Plus, the organic cotton comes from non-genetically engineered seeds grown in soil that is free of pesticides, herbicides or other cytotoxins—keeping those chemicals out of the ecosystem.    

The popular Cartouche Duvet, as seen above, is crafted from 300 thread count organic cotton and is machine washable.   

Avocado Green Mattresses   

green avocado mattress

Founded in 2016, Avocado Green Mattresses has quickly become a respected source for organic mattresses and pillows at affordable prices — while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices.   

Handmade in California, each mattress is crafted with naturally non-toxic and 100% certified organic materials. The company also boasts being Climate Neutral Certified and the 2020 Pinnacle Award Winner from 1% for the Planet.   

There are multiple mattress sizes available, including options that can accommodate standard size cribs. All their mattresses come with a one-year trial.   

Company C   

company c rug  

Founded in 1994 by a husband-and-wife team, Company C is a premier design studio headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire. The couple uses their eye for color and design to sustainably manufacture rugs, bedding, fabrics, furniture and accessories.  

From green energy and recycling initiatives in their corporate office, to materials sourcing and manufacturing, the company is devoted to ensuring its products are as environmentally-friendly as possible.   

This includes using natural fibers like New Zealand wool, jute and organic cotton, Azo-free dyes, and recycled plastic bottles for several rugs and pillows. Company C has been a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) since 2012.   

Medley Home   

medley home wood table black chairs 

Founded by two brothers in California more than a decade ago, Medley Home is considered among the leaders in eco-friendly furniture craftsmanship. The company offers a variety of sustainable products from accent tables, to dining room sets and sectional couches.   

The company is committed to non-toxic, eco-friendly practices, using domestically-sourced, kiln-dried alder hardwood for its furniture frames, and solid walnut and maple for tables and other hard goods.   

The Palder Extendable Dining Table, pictured above, is made by hand using natural materials and covered with beeswax finish for protection and a matte look.  

Imod     imod glass table

You can think of Imod as the Way Fair for eco-friendly furniture and home decor. The online retailer, founded in 2003, is focused on giving customers the contemporary style they want without harming the environment.   

From sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood and bamboo to VOC-free glues and stains, the company lets you shop top brands that carry a wide variety of modern eco-friendly furniture for your home all in one place.  

Savvy Rest   

savy rest couch seating

Savvy Rest offers a wide selection of organic mattresses are made with layers of soft, medium or firm natural latex foam rubber. The company is known for personalized comfort, and can even customize the firmness of each side of the bed.   

The casings are made of certified organic cotton with certified organic wool. Plus, there are no chemical flame retardants, pesticides, bleach, dyes or other toxic finishes used.  

Savvy Rest isn’t just for mattress purchases. The company also has sustainably made lines of bedding, tables, chairs and sofas.    

The Citizenry   

The Citizenry  fabrics

Globally-inspired home decor brand, The Citizenry, centers around thoughtfully designed and ethically crafted goods for your home. Its online retail center offers everything from organic pillows and rugs, to decorative baskets and bedding.   

By travelling to each country and using only local materials, the company establishes sustainable relationships with local artisans. From there, The Citizenry sells directly online to offer handmade goods, crafted with sustainable materials, at more reasonable prices than traditional boutiques.  

The La Brisa Alpaca Throw, featured above, was hand-loomed by master weavers in a quiet mountain village in the Peruvian Andes. Each throw takes about a week to complete and is made exclusively in a fair-trade environment.  

Sustainable goods have come a long way from scratchy hemp throws. Today’s ethically-minded brands, including Organic Swing, are delivering on high quality, high design and better customer experience.   

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