Why You Should Add a Porch Swing To Your Airbnb

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Chances are you have put a LOT of work into your Airbnb rental. You’ve probably spent hours decorating the interior of the home, investing extra money on comfort items such as throw pillows, blankets, and adding every kitchen and bathroom item you anticipate a guest may need during their stay. But…maybe the homes around your perfectly crafted space don’t measure up. If you’re in a neighborhood that might potentially take away from the value of your Airbnb listing, there’s one simple thing you can do to make sure your guests get the best first impression: add a porch swing.

Here are a few ways a porch swing can improve your guests’ overall experience at your vacation rental listing:

Porch Swings Raise Curb Appeal

A porch swing is much more than an outdoor furnishing for your home. It’s also a sure way to raise your overall curb appeal because porch swings look inviting and give your vacation rental a modern appearance.

They Set the Tone

The outside of your home is the very first thing guests will notice. So why not hang a porch swing and create a sense of relaxation? Not to mention, when guests are on a vacation, a relaxing vibe is always going to make them happy. A porch swing also lets guests see that you have taken extra steps to ensure their stay is everything they need it to be. One added bonus of a porch swing is the seats of The Organic Swing are interchangeable, so you can transform the swing to a shared-seating arrangement for face-to-face conversations depending on how many guests you are expecting. This creates a welcoming environment that says you are ready for your guests.

Porch Swings are Simple, Sophisticated, and Durable

Aside from making the exterior of your home look nice and inviting, porch swings can be both modern and durable (so there’s no need to worry about guests breaking the swing as soon as they try to sit down). The Organic Swing is made from walnut or cypress wood that is resistant to rot and insect damage and can last for 20 years or longer. Give your guests a porch swing they can enjoy and trust with The Organic Swing, the most versatile and durable swing on the market.

traditional indian jhula

The World’s Most Versatile Porch Swing: The Organic Swing

The Organic Swing is the world’s most versatile porch swing, designed to maximize relaxation, beauty, and togetherness with its moveable seatbacks. Made from rust-proof, zero VOC black powder-coated steel and slatted bench deck and with seatbacks made from sustainably harvested cypress or walnut wood, The Organic Swing provides natural comfort and remarkable strength.

Suspended from corrosion-resistant wire rope for a distinctively modern look and added durability, it’s the ultimate resistance to weather. Additionally, The Organic Swing is made with architectural-quality materials and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

It's a focal point, a meeting place, a conversation starter.

With our high-quality, made-in-the-USA construction, the conversation will continue for years to come.