What is an Indian Swing?

traditional indian jhula

Have you ever seen a wooden swing on a neighbor’s porch or in movies? You might have not known it at the time, but the style typically comes from what is known as a classic Indian Swing. Also called a Jhula swing (or Jhoola), Indian Swings are designs from India that are made from wood and were historically used in gardens or in central living areas as day beds. In fact, Jhoola in Hindi means swing.

For decades, Americans have enjoyed using various styles of these wooden swings on their front porch. But today, there are modern designs to the Indian Swings that can still be used for relaxing with friends and family, with more versatility than ever.

Modern Design Options of the Timeless Indian Swing

The simple, clean design options for today’s modern Indian Swings are endless.

Use Inside or Outside

The Indian Swing can be used inside your home to provide a further cozy aesthetic to the interior. Or it can be used outside your home similar to a traditional swing. Both installations are very straightforward and come with detailed instructions.

Interchangeable Seatbacks

The seatbacks of the modern Indian Swing can be easily adjusted, enabling you to change the style of the swing as you see fit. Enjoy the swing in the morning with a cup of coffee by yourself, or sit with two other people in the afternoon having tea.

Multiple Finishing Options

Choose between dark walnut or natural cypress wood depending on which best suits your style. Walnut and cypress woods are some of the most durable wood options on the market for furniture, so you’ll be able to enjoy your swing for years to come.

Indian Swing Pricing: What is the Cost of a Wooden Swing?

Some Indian Swings will be listed at incredibly steep prices, but you can actually purchase a modern alternative to the traditional Indian Swing for less than $2,000. Before purchasing your new swing, make sure it comes with a Lifetime Warranty and 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

traditional indian jhula

The Most Versatile Indian Swing: Organic Swings

Organic Swings is the world’s most versatile Indian Swing, designed to maximize relaxation, beauty, and togetherness with its moveable seatbacks. Made from rust-proof zero VOC powder-coated steel and slatted bench deck and seatbacks made from sustainably harvested American hardwood, Organic Swings provides natural comfort, remarkable strength, and the ultimate resistance to weather. The Organic Indian Swing is suspended from corrosion-resistant wire rope for a distinctively modern look and added durability. Additionally, The Organic Indian Swing is made with architectural-quality materials and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

It's a focal point, a meeting place, a conversation starter. With our high-quality, made-in-the-USA construction, the conversation will continue for years to come.