What is the Most Comfortable Porch Swing?

What is the Most Comfortable Porch Swing?

The Organic Swing’s versatility provides the best of all worlds, whether you’re looking for a relaxing respite on a lounger or an intimate sitting area with friends to share long conversations.  

The comforting nostalgia of a porch swing brings back memories of carefree summer afternoons growing up. Gently swinging, breathing in the cool breeze beneath the shade of the front porch is as soothing as tomato soup and grill cheese on a winter’s day.  

Spending idle time on a porch swing is so welcoming, not only because it’s comforting, but also because it’s comfortable. If you’ve ever sat on a playground swing set, you know the fun of coasting back and forth wanes as your bottom starts to hurt. The rocking sensation of a porch swing, on the other hand, can be enjoyed for hours. It’s easy to lose track of time laying back and unwinding.  

Recreating that bit of porch swing nostalgia in your own home has more benefits than rest. According to research published in USA Todaynostalgia brings a reclaimed sense of the past which, in turn, boosts mood, sparks inspiration, and provides a glimpse of your authentic self. 

Porch swings are both comforting and comfortable. To enhance your swing experience, consider these factors to make your porch swing the most comfortable spot in your home.  

Are Wooden Porch Swings Comfortable?   

organic porch swing

Wicker, wood, metal, Polywood, and fabric are the most commonly used porch swing materials. You’ll likely be choosing among these styles when selecting your porch swing. 

Crafted from cedar, cypress, or fir, wooden porch swings are the most classic style. They are the type you likely call to mind when you think of a porch swing. They also have the benefit of being extremely durable, able to withstand the elements no matter the season with proper sealant.   

Like the traditional porch swings of times gone by, today’s wooden porch swings are just as comfortable as ever, and even more so. Just be sure to purchase a porch swing with a wide bench.  

No one wants to spend a significant amount of time squished up on a small seat. Porch swings come in a variety of sizes. Look for options that are at least 4-5 feet in length, which can comfortably seat two to three people. 

Increase Your Comfort Level   oversized outdoor pillows

Wooden porch swings are perfectly lovely all on their own, but there are a few ways to make it even more luxurious. Quick-dry outdoor fabrics are a great add-on. There are a wide variety of outdoor-safe cushions and pillows that come in a seemingly endless array of colors and patterns to accommodate any aesthetic and price point. 

Oversized Pillows  

Is there anything as comforting as sinking into an oversized pillow? More than just decorative, oversized pillows exude luxury. They practically give you a permission slip to take an afternoon siesta in the sun.  

According to the experts at Cushion Source, average-sized porch swings can easily accommodate a couple of 20-inch square throw pillows or even larger depending on how many people are sitting on the swing.  

Oversized throw pillows can also be used as back cushions; there are even outdoor safe options with lumbar support if back issues are a concern. Bear in mind that most throw pillow sizes are shown in the dimensions of the empty pillow shell, measuring corner to corner.  

“Once the shell is filled with either loose fill or a poly bun, a finished 20-inch throw pillow will actually measure about 18-19 inches. So if you wish to use throw pillows as back cushions for your swing that is 60 inches wide, you will need to order at least four 20-inch pillows to easily cover that width,” Cushion Source advises.  

For durability, polypropylene fabric is best suited to stand up against the elements. It's fade-resistant from the sun, easy to clean and quick-drying, all while providing the softness you’d expect from a pillow. Most outdoor pillows are labeled as such, but it's an important to keep this material in mind while shopping. 


Cushions are a classic choice for any outdoor seating option. Like the aforementioned pillows, polypropylene fabric is the best option for outdoor cushions as well. However, for cushions, thickness is the most important consideration.  

Porch swing cushions are available from thin pads to thick cushions. Thin pads are fine if you only plan on using your porch swing occasionally while a thicker cushion is the top choice if you’re after a more relaxing experience. Choosing a thinner back cushion for a seat cushion will allow you to add oversized pillows without the extra bulk.  

The maximum thickness of your seat cushion depends on your swing’s design, as well as your personal preference. For example, adding a 6-inch-thick cushion may make it harder to climb onto for some children and adults, depending on how high the swing is from the floor, Cushion Source points out.  

The Organic Swing Difference  

organic porch swingThe downside to the traditional porch swing is that you’re stuck with one seating arrangement. Comfort levels can change with the circumstance. For example, having a lounger is more comfortable when you’re relaxing solo, but not optimal for sharing.  

Unlike regular wooden porch swings — or any other porch swing — the Organic Swing’s cypress wood backrests can easily be reconfigured into multiple positions.  

The Organic Swing can quickly transform from a traditional porch swing into a luxurious lounger or an intimate face-to-face conversation space. You can face the seats forward or backward depending on the view you want. A back-to-back orientation can facilitate more focused personal time for two individuals. 

The Organic Swing is 5-feet long and supports roughly 600 pounds, which can safely and comfortably sit up to three adults, plus any added pillows or cushions.  

A wooden porch swing is so much more than an outdoor furnishing. It offers both worldly comfort and the comforting nostalgia that makes us feel at home. The Organic Swing’s versatility provides the best of all worlds, whether you’re looking for a relaxing respite on a lounger or an intimate sitting area with friends to share long conversations.