Porch Swing Size Guide

Porch Swing Size Guide

This first-timers porch swing size guide outlines the factors to consider so you can find the perfect fit for your family.    

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How to find the right size porch swing to fit your space and lifestyle is a common question for first-time buyers. Porch swings come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the biggest factors for finding the right size swing are the width of your porch and how you envision spending time on it relaxing.  

If you’re ready to spend lazy afternoons swaying the day away outside, you’ll first have to know the right size to buy. This first-timers porch swing size guide outlines the factors to consider so you can find the perfect fit for your family.    

Is Your Porch Big Enough for a Swing? Porch Width Guidelines  

Like with all furniture purchases, knowing the piece will fit your space is the first place to start. Porch width is the single most important factor to consider when selecting the right porch swing size.  

You’ll want to make sure you have enough space on all sides for the porch swing to move freely without bumping into walls, doors, or windows. As a general rule — no matter the size of the swing itself — choosing a spot that allows for at least 3 feet of space behind the swing and at least 14 inches on either side will prevent it from hitting your house when it’s in motion.  

Southern Living recommends to having 2 feet on either side of the porch swing, if you would like to comfortably walk around it. 

What Size Porch Swing Do You Need?   

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Purchasing a porch swing is like purchasing a couch. After accounting for the above porch size guidelines, knowing how many people it needs to accommodate impacts size considerations. 

There are a variety of porch swing sizes on the market, starting with single-seat swing chairs all the way up to extra-large swing beds. In this article, we’ll focus on traditional porch swings, which fall in the middle of these two ends of the spectrum.  

You may be wondering: How long is the average porch swing? The average size porch swing is between 4 and 6 feet in length, which comfortably seats 2 to 3 people. Seat depth varies widely, from 18 to 36 inches, according to This Old House. Anything less than 18 inches deep is generally considered too narrow to be comfortable. 

An important note on porch swing capacity: Porch swing weight limits vary from model to model, ranging from 250 up to 800lbs —or more. The average porch swing has a maximum weight capacity of 550lbs. However, each manufacturer will provide guidelines that will more accurately state the structural requirements for mounting and weight capacity for that individual model.  

Here is a general guideline for porch swing sizes, according to Hayneedle. 

Porch Swing Length, Number of Seats 

2-Foot Porch Swing, Accommodates a single person comfortably 

3-Foot Porch Swing, Accommodates 1-2 people comfortably 

4-Foot Porch Swing, Accommodates 2 people comfortably 

5-Foot Porch Swing, Accommodates 2-3 people comfortably 

6-Foot Porch Swing, Accommodates 3-4 people comfortably 

Weight limits will vary by style. Please refer to individual product specifications. 

Organic Swings Difference  

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Knowing how many people can be comfortably accommodated is essential for making the most of your porch swing. The downside to the traditional porch swing is that you’re locked into one seating position after you’ve reached that decision.  

Enter Organic Swings, the modern-day porch swing that can change styles with your mood. Organic Swings are built for comfort — 63.5 inches (slightly longer than 5 feet in length) by 18 inches deep. It supports roughly 600 pounds, which can safely and comfortably seat up to 3 adults. Plus, the swing arrives fully assembled and is ready to install upon arrival. 

Since comfort levels change with the circumstance, Organic Swings have the luxurious benefit of versatility. For example, having a lounger is more comfortable when you’re relaxing solo, but not always optimal for sharing. Instead, you can face the seats forward or backward depending on the view you want. A back-to-back orientation can facilitate more focused personal time for two individuals. 

Finding the right porch swing size to fit your space and lifestyle comes down to the width of your porch and how many people you anticipate using it at one time.  

Organic Swings versatility provides the best of all worlds, whether you’re looking for a relaxing respite on a lounger or an intimate sitting area with friends to share long conversations.