11 Pieces of Convertible Furniture that are as Stylish as they are Chic

11 Pieces of Convertible Furniture that are as Stylish as they are Chic

Function and form make great partners in your quest to maximize your cozy space. 

transformational furniture

When people think of the advantages of multifunctional furniture, space-savings typically is the first to come to mind. And while that is a distinct advantage of pieces that serve many uses, the real benefit is being able to enjoy your space — no matter how big or small — to its fullest potential.   

Choosing a home furnishing is a big decision that you quite literality must live with for the foreseeable future. Basic convertible pieces like an ottoman with storage just scratch the surface of multipurpose pieces.   

Modern convertible pieces are not only space-savers, they are chic, well-built additions that double as conversational items that can be enjoy for years. Move over, wall-mounted iron boards. Both bespoke in design and functionality, today’s convertible furnishings are transformative in more ways than one.   

Organic Swing  

Functional and practical don’t equate to being ho-hum. The Organic Swing is a convertible furnishing that allows you to customize your relaxation time. The versatility of the Organic Swing makes it the perfect hangout spot at home.  

Its interchangeable seat backs can be configured into multiple different seating arrangement combinations, allowing you to change the look and experience each time you use it. It’s a modern take on a traditional wooden porch swing that can be easily reconfigured into a face-to-face conversation space.  

Made from bald cypress wood, the Organic Swing has an unbeatable combination of natural beauty and remarkable strength that withstand the elements and insects. Plus, the swing can be mounted either outdoors or indoors.   

Lori Wall Beds    

Lori Wall Bed Murphy Bed

If you think of a Murphy bed as a flimsy contraption, think again. Fold-down wall beds have long been used to make singular space multifunctional, and today’s modern Lori Wall Bed is takes chic space-savings to the next-level.    

Transform an underused room into a cool lounge, personal workout room, or functional home office with a Murphy bed. The sky is the limit.  

A rarely occupied guest room, for example, can quickly transform into an open space for a family room or reading nook when not in use by overnight guests. Instead of using the force of springs or pistons, the Lori Wall Bed can be lifted and lowered by hand using your and your lifting partner's strength. 

The Lori Wall Bed, offer shelf-storage when the bed is in the upright position. These shelves could hold a TV or iPad for streaming your favorite shows.  

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a Lori Wall Bed, especially for those with an eye for design, is the ability to customize its look. The company has pre-finished models that tie into any color scheme in beautifully-finished real wood.     

Artwork to Table  

artwork becomes table   

This table is a true work of art. The New Zealand-based company Living with Jack created a table and chair set that discreetly folds up into a vibrant piece of wall art, allowing you to have an airy open floor plan and a space for entertaining.      

fold out table that doubles as artwork

The Snap Jack set uses precision fitted magnets to secure the table in both the open and closed positions. The set is available in a natural finish or with a stunning print from notable aerosol and stencil artist FLOX,   

Made in New Zealand from sustainable birch ply and finished with a hard clear lacquer, the light-weight and super strong table and chair set that folds up on the wall to a total thickness of 54mm,  

Mid-Century Storage Bench  

modern storage bench

Modern style meets never-goes-out-of-style functionality is where you’ll find this Mid-Century Storage Bench. It’s a timeless look for an entryway, mudroom, or anywhere (think mail sorting, shoe tying, laundry folding) you’d want to kick off your shoes and keep your keys in a spot you’ll remember.   

Made with kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood and engineered wood with an Acacia wood veneer, it's easy to wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. (Pro Tip: To protect its finish, avoid the use of chemicals or household cleaners).   

Transforming Table   

  fold out table stylishHaving a formal dining room set is a luxury that can seem out of reach for small space living. Eating at the kitchen island or around the TV may be fine for most evenings at home, but a full-size dining table is still a necessity when hosting dinner parties and gatherings.   

Enter the Holly & Martin Driness Dining Table.   

drop table and banquet

The convertible gate leg table serves as an everyday console, desk, or ledge but expands to double its size to comfortably seat four to six guests for a special occasion.   

A multifunctional dream come true for small spaces, this two-in-one table is both practical and on-trend thanks to its modern clean lines and the weathered gray with white finish.   

Ottoman with Tray  

ottoman with tray table

Plush ottomans with storage are a classic space-saver, but this storage ottoman on Vurni.com stands out for its functionality.   

Store cozy blankets and pillows inside the ottoman, and then when it’s time for a snow day, flip the lid to reveal a wooden tray that’s got just enough space for a snack and some hot cocoa. You can even score some extra brownie points by using the tray to deliver your sweetheart breakfast in bed.   

When not using the lid or storage feature, the ottoman makes for a comfortable bench in your entryway. Bonus: The ottoman-bench is foldable, so easy to store when not in use.  

3-in-1 Billiards Table    

billboard and dining room table

Your house is about to become the spot for dinner and game night with family and friends.   

Stylish, practical, and straight up fun, The Atomic Hampton 3-in-1 is a billiard board, table tennis, and dining set. When the meal is finished simply remove or flip over the dining top to instantly convert the table to a full-size billiard board or table tennis table and start playing!   

Plus, all the accessories for each game are included in the two upholstered storage benches, which double as seating.   

Wooden Scandi-Style Crib/Toddler Bed    

convertible crib

Kids grow up so fast. Wouldn't it be nice if their furniture grew with them?   

The Lolly crib from AllModern grows with your baby. The clever design easily transitions from crib to toddler bed. Plus, its four adjustable mattress positions allow you to lower the mattress height as the baby learns to sit and stand for safety.   

This solid New Zealand pine wood crib with playful accents and gently curving white frame is the perfect addition to a contemporary gender-neutral nursery. Made with eco-friendly materials and non-toxic paint, the Lolly is a go-to choice for parents who appreciate style and safety.  

Fold Down Mirror   

mirror table

It’s hard to tell the transformative nature of the Specchio Table at first glance. The modern, wall-mounted table with clean lines lifts up to unveil a full-length mirror.  

mirror fold out to table

At a generous 54" long, the table easily lifts up when it’s not in use. The front legs of the Specchio Table are hidden within the mirror frame, and no hardware is exposed, making a chic and well-made space-saver.   

Hidden Kitchen  

hidden kitchen for small apartment

A full kitchen is hard to come by in a small space, which makes this Dizz Concept fold-out kitchen such a game-change. Featured on Love Property, this hideaway kitchen is an ideal choice for a modern, minimalist apartment.   

hidden kitchen for small apartment

The sleek grey unit sits close to the wall and features a flat-screen TV and storage niche, but what’s inside is the true show-stopper. The unit includes a dishwasher, fridge, oven, integrated cooker hood, LED lighting, and cabinets.  

The fold-out kitchen is a genius way to create distinctive spaces in one living area.   

Swing Shelf   

You have never seen a table quite like the SWING by German Smart Living. With a single movement, the piece can be transformed from an elegant table to a stylish shelf without moving or dropping a single item.   

Made from the high-quality materials in Germany, the innovative design is ideal for a bar cart or herb garden. Plus, its recessed rollers make it easy to move around the room.   

Function and form make great partners in your quest to maximize your cozy space. The perfect example of this is the Lori Wall Bed and Organic Swing.   

These products are not only chic and clever, they’ll give you the extra space you desire.