Swinglab design evolves to a lightweight aluminum frame

Starting this fall, every SwingLab modular swing will feature a frame of natural brushed aluminum instead of painted steel. We think that's worth getting excited about, for a lot of reasons.

First, it enhances the life and quality of our modern swing design. Since Aluminum never rusts, your modular swing frame will retain its distinctive finish throughout its life, without the slightest amount of maintenance, no matter where you decide to hang it. Indoors or outdoors.

Second, it's much lighter. Aluminum provides a similar level of strength as steel does, at only a third of the weight, which makes our swing much easier for you to hang and handle.

Finally, it's just plain beautiful. We love how the lighter, brighter frame sets off the warm honey finish of the cypress wood.

"It really adds to the modern aesthetic," said SwingLab designer Andy Hilton, who has been planning this change for some time. "Natural brushed aluminum upholds the SwingLab value of 'truth in materials' because it is inherently sleek and maintenance-free. We don't have to alter its character in any way to get the look or the finish we want," said Andy.

To order one of your very own, visit the SwingLab Purchasing page.